Our main goal is for your kids to have fun and get a different experience that can bring up their creative mind to the top. We look to encourage the entrepreneur every kid has in spirit. This is why on Leonstores children have the option to sell their old toys and products to other kids, but also, they have the option to trade toys with making a monetary transaction.

Bartering on Leonstores gives kids the opportunity to interact and socialize while exchanging toys and products they have outgrown. This way, kids can get new things and toys without spending money and taking advantage of their own things, and also learn the importance of taking good care of their toys so other kids can play with them later, and how they can get new ones by being thoughtful.

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Leonstores offering parents and kids, creative solutions.
A great way for children to socialize and learn.
Leonstores is made of the natural creativity and curiosity that kids possess.
Have a great time with your kids

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