Why Teach Your Kids to Buy and Sell

You can spend quality time with your kids while learning how to buy and sell items in a fun way that enriches their minds and entrepreneurial spirits.

Teach your kids to use Leonstores and sell their old toys.

Benefits of Getting Rid of Toys

One of the benefits to teach your kids how to sell toys they have outgrown, is that you don’t have to keep hoarding them in the garage, or the closet destined to useless stuff. Also, it can contribute to a cleaner room. And while this alone might not convince you, there are plenty of benefits for your kid’s mindset and skills that are worth trying this.

Kids who learn the value of money, tend to take care better of their belongings. It is simple, they learn that what they have today can be sell tomorrow to another kid, so they will value it more.

Entrepreneurship is a great spirit to encourage. Using Leonstores you are providing your kids with tools they can use for a lifetime. You provide them with vision for business and the sight to identify opportunities.

Selling my beloved toys

Once your kids start making profit from selling their toys, and start appreciate the value of their own things, they will also see what this means for other children. Selling on Leonstores will bring up the empathy and mindfulness your kids have inside them and will learn how they contribute to other children’s happiness selling their beloved toys once they have outgrown them.

Leonstores helps you run your business and increase your sales.

Set up a Leonstores account.

List in minutes.
Follow these steps.

Step 1 : Create an Account 

Step 2 :  Apply to become a vendor

Step 3 : Select the Dashboard icon of “Frontpage Manager” Link

Step 4 : Click Menu ” Add Products”

Step 5 : List your products. 

Add Title, Description, Price.

Step 6: Setup you Vendor Profile

You are able to add social media links and your personal bio.

Your ready to become a great seller. 

Start selling your old toys on Leonstores now! 

Sell Now!

Leonstores offering parents and kids, creative solutions.
A great way for children to socialize and learn.
Leonstores is made of the natural creativity and curiosity that kids possess.
Have a great time with your kids

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