Bidding & Buying Help

How buying works

Buying items or purchasing straight away and getting in touch with the seller on Leonstores is easy.

If you’re having an issue with an item you’ve already bought, take a look at our article on returns, missing items, and refunds. You can keep tracking of all your buying activity in your Purchase History.

Whether you’re new to Leonstores or an experienced Leonstores shopper, on this page you can find links to all of our most important buying articles. We’ve separated the articles out into sections below to make it easier to find what you need:

How to buy

Buy It Now is the simplest and easiest way to purchase an item on Leonstores. You’ll see the blue Buy It Now button on most listings, allowing you to contact with the seller and agree to the payment method that fits your needs best. This option is available whenever the seller has set a fixed-price for the item. When you select this button, you agree to pay the seller’s asking price.

Buying as a guest

You can buy items on Leonstores if you’re not signed into your account or even if you don’t have an account at all. Once you’ve bought your item, we’ll keep in touch by email and help you keep track of your order. The same protections and guarantees apply to guest orders, so you can always shop safely on Leonstores.

After you’ve bought an item

Paying for items

Once you’ve bought your item, you’ll need to pay the seller for it within 2 days. The sooner the seller receives your money though, the sooner they’ll dispatch your item. There’re a few different ways to pay for items, so you can find the one that works for you and the seller.

Cancel an order

If you’ve bought an item and you’ve made a mistake, you can contact the seller and ask them to cancel your order. If they’ve already shipped your item, or if they don’t accept your cancellation request, you can start a return once you receive the item.

Returns, missing items, and refunds for buyers

Most of the time, if something goes wrong with your order, like it doesn’t get delivered, or arrives and it’s damaged or doesn’t match the listing description, you can get your money back or get a replacement. If nothing has gone wrong with your order, but you’ve changed your mind, you can ask the seller if they’ll accept a return.

Contact the seller

There are different ways to contact a seller, depending on whether or not you’ve bought an item from them or not. If you’ve had an issue with an order, talking with the seller is usually a good way to resolve it.

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