Listing a Product

Learn what you can do with Leonstores by listing products and learning with your kid how to sell and make money while having fun and bounding in a creative and educational way.

Get ready to list your products and learn to sell and buy items on Leonstores!

  1. Create an account for your kid’s products
  2. Upload your item(s) on your profile
  3. Post images of your products that shows the best of them so you can sell fast!
  4. Set the price of your products
  5. You’re almost done. Publish it for sale!

After is published…

Your product will be shown on the website, so you can share it with friends and family, or even in Social Media so your profits can start right away.

With Leonstores you can have fun while teaching your kids, in a practical way, selling techniques that can last forever and encourage the entrepreneur inside them as well as motivate their creative minds. Start now!

Leonstores offering parents and kids, creative solutions.
A great way for children to socialize and learn.
Leonstores is made of the natural creativity and curiosity that kids possess.
Have a great time with your kids

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