Money Back Guarantee

Worry-free shopping. Get the item you ordered, or your money back, on virtually all items.

Here’s how to get your money back:

  1. Go to My Leonstores
    If your item hasn’t arrived or isn’t as described, go to My Leonstores, find the item in your purchase history, and select return or item not received within 30 days of delivery.
  2. Not resolved? Let us know.
    If your issue is not resolved in 3 business days, contact us.
  3. We’ll get your money back fast.
    You’ll hear from us in 48 hours.

Need to return an item?

It’s easy to do on Leonstores
Whatever you’re looking for, whatever you want to buy, millions of items on Leonstores are returnable. Before you bid or buy an item, check the seller’s return policy, then follow these easy steps to make a return.

  1. Start your return
    Select the item you want to return in your purchase history on My Leonstores.
  2. Ship the item back
    If the seller asks, send the item back as soon as possible.
  3. Receive your refund
    If the seller doesn’t refund your money, ask Leonstores to step in and help.
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A great way for children to socialize and learn.
Leonstores is made of the natural creativity and curiosity that kids possess.
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