Teach Kids How To Sell

If you are wondering why you should teach your kids how to sell, we provide you the answer.

It’s a great way to socialize!

Kids who are in Leonstores have the possibility to interact with other kids while selling their products or buying other kid’s items. Negotiation it’s a really important skill to have for a kid nowadays in order to socialize in the best way possible, learning to read people and understand how an item is economically valued.

Leonstores is a wonderful introduction to basics in business:

  1. People have a need.
  2. You have a product or service.
  3. Go ahead and agree on a price!

In the present, many kids have an entrepreneurial spirit and mind. They are searching for new ways to negotiate in the subtlest ways; opening a lemonade stand, for example. Learning together to sell you can encourage that spirit in your child and have fun at the same time, bounding during lessons.

Teaching your kid how to sell you are helping in the development of his/her socializing and analytical skills, as well as teaching them how to deal with situations and different people. It helps their self-esteem and confidence, and an excitement for learning something fun and practical.

It is rare to find schools that teaches Economics to kids so they can have skills like studying markets and business analytics. Teaching them how to sell, you are starting to secure your child’s path to success, by teaching them the value of money and why it should be a tool and not a goal.

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