Tips to Improve Your Photos

If you have already started having fun and making money selling on Leonstores, this is a great time to master new techniques to make your products look amazing, so other kids can see how great your toys and products are, and how they can enjoy using them as much as you did. Learn some tips to improve your photos and sell faster on Leonstores!

  1. Chose a clean background. A white wall or surface can work!
  2. Use a high-resolution camera, so your products look the best!
  3. You can choose to show your product or toy in use. This way other kids can see how much fun they can have with your product!
  4. Make it natural! Just show your product how it is.
  5. Get clear pictures where every part of your product can be seen.
  6. If possible, take photos of every side.
  7. Light it up! A bright light is key.
  8. Take a step back and let a little background to be seen.
  9. Be consistent! Make an effort so every picture can look amazing.

Start showing the best side of your products now!

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